Our aim



Although inactivity is becoming more aligned across Greater Manchester, inactivity levels still ranges from 22.9% in Trafford to 31.6% in Oldham.

What have we done?

Greater Manchester spent the spring of 2018 shaping the proposal to Sport England outlining how we wanted to work differently in Greater Manchester to support our residents to be more active. In July 2018 it was announced that there would be a £10 million investment into Greater Manchester through GM Moving and the Local Pilot project.

Working within the nine investment principles, the Local Pilot works across all ten localities within Greater Manchester and aims to understand the reasons that communities are inactive. The focus is then upon supporting communities to build on their strengths and enabling them to find a sustainable method to become more active. There are three target cohorts within the pilot, which are:

  • Those aged 5-18, in out-of-school settings
  • Those out of work, or at risk of becoming workless.
  • Those aged 40-60 with a long term health condition.

The pilot has taken a whole system approach to ensure engagement from all sectors, such as planning, transport, housing, healthcare and the voluntary sector.

This year the pilot has seen localities conduct research & insight to fully understand their geographical areas and identify where the three target cohorts are most prominent. Each locality now has a plan based on their research & insight, which they will implement over the next year (2019-20). This is an ongoing process as the pilot aims to take a test and learn approach, which can be flexible, depending on how learning develops from localities.

With localities having begun identifying their target cohorts and neighbourhoods they have been able to begin engaging with the local communities. This has been done through a blended approach to ensure maximum engagement and co-production with local communities, this will continue to develop throughout the pilot. This approach aims to provide a more sustainable approach to tackling inactivity.

A snapshot of each of the localities focus areas can be seen in the image below.
There are four additional enablers which support the pilot across Greater Manchester, which are engagement, evaluation, marketing and workforce.

Further Details

More information on the pilot can be viewed here, or contact Jane@gmmoving.co.uk if you have any more specific questions or queries.