Live Well


Our aim



Although inequalities are improving differences in activity levels still exist between;

  • Socio-economic groups; upper (36.7%) v. lower (17.8%) socio-economic groups (SES gap 18.9%)
  • Disability; disabled (43.9%) v. those without a disability (22.1%) (disability gap 21.8%)
  • Gender; (gender gap 2.4%)

Physical activity can reduce the risk of, or manage, over 20 long term health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and depression.

What have we done?

GreaterSport are looking to;

  • Support the early intervention and prevention for people aged 40 – 60 with, or at risk of long term health conditions.
  • Support people out of work, or people in work but at risk of becoming workless, to become and remain economically active.
  • Achieve the ambition to make Active Workplaces the norm across Greater Manchester.

We spend 60% of our waking hours at work so workplaces across Greater Manchester have a vital role to play in helping their employees to be more active. Health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly important to businesses as they are looking to address how their employees can become healthier and more productive. Whilst most areas of wellbeing, such as mental health and stress reduction, are being addressed, physical activity is, in some cases, being overlooked.

In Greater Manchester each employee is losing up to 1.5% of their working days to sickness absence and this is currently costing businesses across the county £90m a year in sick pay. Physical activity can help to improve health and positively impact on the number of days taken off sick and ultimately save GM businesses money.

In the last 12 months GreaterSport have been working with businesses to find out what can be done to support employees to be physically active during their working days.Our findings concluded that;

  • Many companies fall into the trap of putting sport and activity sessions on without consulting their staff first.
  • Organisational leadership is vital!
  • Active Workplaces isn’t just about big ticket events like marathons, 10k’s and sports competitions. Simple activities such as using active travel, taking the stairs instead of the lift, lunchtime walks, and walking meetings are just as important.

Case Study

GreaterSport have been working with Didsbury Business Games to support their events with companies based in Didsbury and South Manchester. The Games see teams take part in sporting and recreational events from tennis to sports days to treasure hunts. GreaterSport have further supported businesses, such as John Lewis, British Airways and Swinton Insurance Group, by delivering Active Champions Training. The training helps develop the champions by providing them with useful knowledge and ideas on how businesses can support their staff to move more during the working day.

Through Active Champions Training GreaterSport have developed a network of partners and services who can support workplaces and this has led to the development of the Active Workplaces Toolkit which will provide help and advice on developing health and wellbeing plans which include physical activity. The Toolkit will be developed in summer 2019 and will provide the pertinent information for businesses to plan in embed physical activity. It will include the business case for activity, signposting to partners, such as travel plans from TfGM, and also guidance on supporting people with a disability as well as approaches to help ageing employees to be active or to continue being active once they have retired.

Further Details

More information on our Live Well programme can be viewed here, or contact if you have any more specific questions or queries about our work.