Our aim



Sport and physical activity among children and young people has been found to increase attainment, improve mental wellbeing and increase opportunities for social interaction. However, 6/10 children and young people in GM are not active enough to benefit their health.

What have we done?

GreaterSport have worked to raise the profile of work ongoing within our Develop Well priority in Greater Manchester and realign funding to better target the ‘inactive’ and improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people.


72,745 participants accessed the School Games across Level 2 competitions, borough level events, over the last financial year with 5,666 qualifying for and attending a Greater Manchester Level 3 event.

Furthermore, Greater Manchester was awarded Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the Year in 2018 to celebrate the network and organisation of the Level 2 and 3 School Games. Conversations which consequently developed have led to a revolutionary change in how the Games will be delivered over the next 12 months to better align the School Games vision to the priorities for Greater Manchester. Therefore, there is an increased focus on our work to support the inactive, however, we are still providing opportunities for the most confident and competent individuals who thrive in competitive sport. To start this process, innovative formats were trialled in 2019 which focussed on recognising and rewarding the School Games values, such as honesty and teamwork, rather than the traditional points based winners. Feedback from participants and teachers on the utilisation of Spirit Scorecards was extremely positive and something we will look to further develop in the next academic year.

Our work in Primary School Sport Premium saw the 55% of schools reporting their spending correctly in 2016/2017 rise to 72% at the end of the 2017/2018 academic year.

GreaterSport made a commitment in 2018 that Greater Manchester will be the first Daily MileTM City Region, with a vision of 75% schools regularly taking part by 2021. 2018 saw £220,000 of investment, across 18 months, from Sport England to recognise the advocacy work GreaterSport continues to do to support The Daily Mile. Following two celebration events Greater Manchester has seen an increase in participating schools from 191 in April 2018 to over 400 schools in March 2018, an increase of 109%. This work increases the chances of young people reaching the recommendation, outlined in chapter 2 of the Childhood Obesity Plan, of 30 minutes physical activity in the school day.


The Satellite Club investment scheme (funded by Sport England and the National Lottery) saw 2,262 young people access a plethora of different activities across 69 clubs. Activities varied from traditional sports like football, gymnastics and tennis to more unique opportunities including parkour and snow sports. Through working with cross-sector partners, including local authorities, schools and sport clubs, alongside organisations with a reach to communities who conventionally don’t access sports activities, such as The Proud Trust and Bolton Hindu Forum, GreaterSport have been able to support a broad cohort of young people. This year also saw the first of our investments into projects designed by young people, further investment will be channelled to expand this work in the coming year.

Case Study

Josh was new to Boccia but after several practices against his classmates, he was then given the opportunity to participate at the School Games in Bolton.
Josh has shown great leadership and determination to encourage his classmates to take part whether they had little experience or not. The team then went on to win the Bolton School Games which secured their place in the Greater Manchester Winter School Games.

While preparing and training for the Greater Manchester Winter School he researched the sport and provided different training drills for the team to try out. He kept his classmates up to date with the most recent set of rules set out by Boccia England.

Boccia has helped develop Josh’s communication skills not only from talking to his team mates but from connecting with other children from the competing schools. It also allows a way for the children to stay active in a calming environment.

“I find it relaxing and use the activity as a stress reliever, it can help with anxiety.”

His teacher Mrs Luck then further commented that;

“The team have worked so well with lots of honesty. The whole school are so proud of them.”

Without Josh striving towards building a team and passion for the sport the team would have not been as successful as they were.
Josh wishes to develop his skills more in Boccia and is looking to take part in more after school activities.

Further Details

More information on our Develop Well programmes can be viewed here, or contact francesca@greatersport.co.uk if you have any more specific questions or queries about our work with this age group.