Our aim



Marketing can influence the culture and social norms around physical activity, and motivate or nudge individuals to be active.

What have we done?

From March 2020 to March 2021 Greater Manchester was free of the pandemic restrictions for just 25 days. We supported our team and partners as they adapted into this world. The measures brought in to control the spread of Covid-19 infection placed many limitations on the ways in which we could be physically active, but also changed frequently. We aimed to keep partners and residents across Greater Manchester up-to-date with how the restrictions were affecting physical activity.

Our public campaign That Counts! had just gone live with the next wave of adverts as the first national lockdown was announced, severely disrupting the planned activity. Following the disruption, some of our activity was cancelled and some postponed until the autumn.

Case Study: Keep GM Moving Campaign

We urgently needed to deliver messaging and content to encourage movement under the strictest ‘stay at home’ restrictions. In our rapid response to the first lockdown, we created and delivered a new campaign to urge residents to keep moving whilst indoors to support their mental and physical wellbeing.

To understand the immediate communication need and the impact of the lockdown, we commissioned a survey, conducted by YouGov, which found that more than a third (36%) of Greater Manchester residents said they had been less physically active since March 23rd 2020, when the Government introduced strict social distancing guidelines. The research also showed that 43% of respondents said they were watching more TV and 24% said they were walking less.

Supported by Commonwealth champions Stacey Copeland and Diane Modahl, rugby’s Rochdale Hornets, Mayor Andy Burnham, and Cycling and Walking Commissioner Chris Boardman, we launched a Greater Manchester wide campaign to #KeepGMMoving at the start of May. The campaign comprised four films and supporting blog posts. The films gave fun tips on keeping activity levels up and were promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

Each film focused on different needs, including families trying to find interesting ways to keep their kids moving; people with no access to a garden; those who find themselves working from home and therefore moving a lot less, to people with limited mobility.

We kept the ‘Keep GM Moving’ website pages up-to-date throughout the year with ideas of how to keep moving and what the latest government guidelines meant for physical activity in Greater Manchester.

We shared the campaign and its resources with partners across Greater Manchester to promote to their residents. Therefore, as a city-region, we could still share a consistent physical activity message, despite many partners focusing on getting through the Covid-19 pandemic and the many challenges it was bringing.

Further details

More information on our marketing please contact marketing@greatersport.co.uk.