Policy and Strategic Architecture


Our aim

Lead Policy, legislation and system change to support active lives, ensuring that physical activity becomes a central feature in policy and practice relating to planning, transport, health and social care, economic development, education and the environment.

What have we done?

Over the last year it feels like the volume button has been turned up. The overall number and quality of conversations we have been having with government, politicians, senior officers, senior decision makers and different organisations in, and outside of, sport has increased. GM Moving is capturing people’s imagination as they feel the power that moving more can play in the health and wellbeing of our population.

At a strategic level physical activity is a central pillar of plans and policies from health to transport to urban planning. The importance of movement is being discussed with our young people in schools via The Daily MileTM, it is central to supporting age friendly neighbourhoods, and physical activity is being viewed as the ‘miracle drug’ to our health teams. Meanwhile, workplaces are becoming more active and a digital transformation is enabling the sector to provide thousands of opportunities for people to move more on their doorsteps.

Additionally, the Local Pilot has engaged steering groups in each of the ten boroughs to concentrate this agenda at a local level, encourage innovation, and provide community led solutions to increase activity in some of our most inactive streets. By bringing leisure and health teams together with transport providers and planners, and with groups from public and voluntary organisations who work with young people, those out of work, and people who are struggling with poor health, collectively we can re-think the approach. Together we can understand the barriers at a granular level and then utilise the opportunities, strengths and the community lead initiatives to test, learn and nudge GM towards the ambition of 75% of Greater Manchester being active. This approach is different, it needs to be. Andy Burnham often says ‘[we] do things differently round here’ and the work we are involved in highlights this. Next year will be exciting as the insight and community engagement create some innovative solutions to help Greater Manchester residents move more and to reach our milestone of 2 million people moving by 2021.

Further Details

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