Chair: Mike Perls MBE




This year we have sharpened the business objectives in order to channel the work that achieves the vision of changing lives.  The focus has been to deliver outstanding leadership, great governance, quality thinking and insightful evaluation.

Latest results, show an increase of 40,000 people moving at least 30 minutes a week in Greater Manchester. This continues the positive trajectory we are making towards our goal of 75% of the population active by 2025.  Since 2016, there has been a collective Greater Manchester approach enabling more residents to become active, in fact we are tackling inactivity three times faster than the national average:

  • More adults are moving in Greater Manchester, up by 1.7% since 2015-16, which is triple the national average increase of 0.5%
  • 6% of the population is active which is progress towards our GM Moving target of 75% moving by 2025 (increase from 68.2% since 2015-16)
  • The gap is closing between the least active and most active boroughs in GM.

These are positive stats but GreaterSport is going beyond the numbers to drive a social change movement.

The annual summary highlights the work delivered in building our network of advocates and partners that together have helped us raise the importance of movement in tackling social inequalities including changing policies; building confidence and removing social isolation; and helping people recovery and prevent health problems.

This work changes lives, with individuals happier and healthier, overall supporting Greater Manchester be a great place to live.

We can’t make the difference without our partners and it is great to see at both a strategic and practical level physical activity is changing the way we do things for the better. So I must thank our health colleagues; leisure trust partners; transport; education and charity organisations for their positive work in helping deliver our collective GM Moving ambition.  Moving more is prescribed by health, qualified experts are supporting cancer patients get fit for surgery, infrastructure is being invested in to make it easier to cycle and walk around our region, schools are championing our young people to embrace exercise and charities are engaging with our communities to enable people to build activity into their lives. Even our Mayor, Andy Burnham positively promotes being active encouraging all employees to wear trainers to work so that they can move easier throughout their day and be #ActiveSoles.

In addition to working in partnership, GreaterSport have to have strong governance.  This year we were awarded the highest level of governance as part of the code of sports governance, received another unqualified audit and were rated excellent in our Quest assessment.

I would like to thank the GreaterSport team and trustees. There’s been considerable successes throughout the year and many learnings too. To reach our ambitious target of 2 million people moving we need to do things differently and that is what we are doing. With more investment into activity in Greater Manchester than ever before there is a confidence and belief in what we do. With all the incredible partners committed to making Greater Manchester the most active region I know the next 12 months will be equally exciting and I’m very much looking forward to the year ahead.