CEO: Hayley Lever

Looking Ahead


Looking Ahead

As we emerged out of lockdown at the end of March 2021, it was amazing to see people reconnect with the activities they love. We heard stories of people of all ages reconnecting, playing, and finding renewed energy and pleasure in the activities that had been denied to them for so long.

The role that an active life has to play in our collective physical and mental recovery from the pandemic is huge. People, communities and system wide partners across the city-region are ready to play their part.

Despite the huge setbacks of the past year, we have strengths to build on and everything in place to support active lives and tackle the inequalities that were exacerbated through Covid-19.

It will take time. It will take collective leadership. It will take resource and energy. It will take people who lead in ways that are true to our principles. I know we have all these things in abundance here at GreaterSport. Because even during the pandemic, our team, partners and residents found time and energy to lift their heads up and make time and space to look ahead to the future. Together, we have listened to hundreds of voices from across the city-region and across sectors as we have asked the questions:

  • Why does moving matter to you and your work? What is your vision for Greater Manchester (GM) Moving in 10 years’ time?
  • What would that take, and what might get in the way?
  • What are our first steps together?

The engagement journey for the new GM Moving in Action Strategy has provided renewed focus and energy. It has further grown the network of relationships between people who can play their part. It has provided clarity and, when launched in September 2021, will help us all to keep delivering our shared ambitions for Greater Manchester.

GreaterSport, along with our Greater Manchester partners and Sport England, is clarifying our role and developing our business plan that will ensure we lead and support GM Moving and play our unique role in the whole system approach. Our team and board look forward to working with everyone in more hopeful times. All our relationships have grown and strengthened during the pandemic. We have learnt a lot from each other and have a strong foundation from which to recover and design a fairer, more inclusive set of conditions for active lives and greater equality with all our communities.